Posted by Kendra Bates on Feb 9th 2019

Creative director, bestselling author, and the ultimate cool girl, Tezza has translated her love of music, fashion, and photography, into a successful career of highly curated editorial experiences.  We sat down with our latest design collaborator for the inside scoop on how she got her start, what she's inspired by, and the trends she's loving in her upcoming limited edition collection, INSPR-D By Tezza.


How did you start blogging?

I started blogging 7 years ago. I was a photographer, musician, traveler, and storyteller. I wanted to inspire others through imagery and moments to feel creative and use their mind to see the world in their own way.At 16, I began studying fashion design, so I’ve loved watching the blog come full circle.

Who are your followers? What do they love about your brand?

They range from 18 - 34. They love my creativity, my style, and my confidence to wear things that are out of the box. I encourage them to try new things and they’ve all been so supportive and engaged.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by strong women who are confident and fearless. I have always been inspired by the mixing of the feminine and masculine. As women, we can be both and combining opposites is satisfying.


How has you style changed? What trends are you looking forward to?

My style has always been heavily inspired by musicians and 70’s rock n’ roll. I grew up in Utah so I have always had a bohemian Western influence. However, since moving to the city my style has embraced more elevated structures, focusing on strong shapes and elegant fabrics.

Trends that most excite me: ‘Down to Earth’ (earthy, neutral tones), Utility (modern, structured lines), All Dolled Up (feminine, ruffles)

What are your favorite brands?

Chloe, Anthropologie, Zimmermann, Philosophy, Orseund Iris, Ganni, and Dior.

Tell us about your upcoming collection.

It’s all about utility inspired style and neutral tones. If Indiana Jones was a woman, she might be rocking this collection. For me, it’s about fabrics and shapes. I wanted to create shapes that every woman feels confident in and to find a balance between mixing structure and flow. It should feel elevated, but still approachable. The woman wearing the clothes is the type of girl who no matter what outfit she throws on, it’s always cool. She mixes trends, but it somehow always works. She is eclectic, yet refined.


How did you incorporate your personal style or roots into this collection?

My personal style has always been about being extra, but remaining natural and true to me. My versions of dressing up and dressing down was always very similar. I would wear a gown with a leather jacket and call it casual or throw on a suit to a brunch and feel understated. The earthy colors are a tribute to my bohemian background from growing up out West.

Where do you see your follower wearing this?

It’s as easy to dress up as it is down. It could be brunch on a spring day or slicking back your hair with a pair of heels for a night out with friends. It’s not for the club or cocktail party, but everyday wear.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Running Tezza as a brand that encompasses all aspects of ‘The Art of Life’ which includes expressing yourself through fashion, creating beautiful spaces to immerse yourself in, and having the inspiration to share it all in a beautiful way. I want to continue to inspire people to find their inner creative and let it shine through in all aspects.