Jul 1st 2019

We sat down with our latest cool-girl collaborator, Brittany Xavier, for an exclusive peek into her upcoming collection.

What about this collection reflects you and your style sensibility?

I’m drawn to structured and strong pieces that are easily worn from day to night. I’m all about comfort and versatility in my wardrobe, while maintaining a bold look with clean lines.

What or who inspired you for this collection?

I was inspired by the styles I’m consistently drawn to, yet sometimes have difficulty finding the perfect fit. With the upcoming holiday, I wanted a collection that is flattering on varying body types. Premium quality and elevated design, set an affordable price-point are the cornerstones of the brand. I really wanted each piece in the collection to be strong enough to be worn by itself or paired with other pieces; offering pieces that can perfectly compliment any outfit from day to night. 

In your mind, what type of women did you design these clothes for? 

I designed this collection for women who aren’t afraid to be bold. Clothes should make you feel more confident even if you’re having an off day - fit , structure, and fabric are key. 

As you were designing the pieces for your collection, what were some key style themes you wanted to keep consistent throughout the entire collection? 

Shine, power shoulders, and jewel tones are primary elements in the collection. 

How did you incorporate your personal style or roots into this collection? 

I wanted this line to be a true extension of my personal style, not simply a collection I put my name on. High waist fits, structured blazers, rich fabrics and statement details are my style staples! 

What are your favorite pieces and styles from this collection and why? 

I’m obsessed with the two piece velvet suit and the 70’s-glam blouses with exaggerated sleeves and cascading collars. Our vibe is very Studio 54 meets Dynasty, but wearable day to night. 

Since starting your blog, how has your style evolved over the years? 

My approach to style was much more simplistic when I started my blog 5 years ago which was trending throughout the fashion world. As trends progress, I’ve developed a keen eye for runway-inspired looks and emerging designers with an edge.

How do you define an investment piece? 

I define an investment piece as something that can be paired with multiple outfits but still makes a bold statement.